How To Recognize
a Good Man
and Other Advice for Women

Tell me whom you love and I will tell you who you are - Houssaye

I'm Carol Grier, otherwise known as Wise Old Carol.
I'm here to talk with you about making wise decisions in your life.

The choices you make now can affect your entire life--and the lives of your children.
If you choose a husband who's a good man, for example, your life is going to be much sweeter and easier. If you pick a dud--you're in for a lot of pain and heartache ahead.

Believe me, I know! My first husband was a bad choice, resulting in disaster.
The second time around I learned, and I chose a wonderful husband. The difference was night and day. From that experience, and those of many other women I've interviewed, I discovered how to find a good man and recognize him immediately!

  I've learned how to handle many other life issues too:
  • Interacting with stepchildren
  • Supporting a gay son
  • Infidelity within a marriage
  • Supporting family members through serious illnesses
  • Being a full-time caretaker
  • Working through grief.
I gained this knowledge through direct experience, as well as through the collective insights of many women over the decades... wise old owls like me. Together, this knowledge represents over 3,000 years of experience. You can't go wrong with that!

My mission now is to share this hard-won wisdom with other women. I'm here as your friend, to give you warm, level-headed dating and marriage advice, and to support you in family issues.

If you're in your 20's or 30's, looking for that first deep, long-lasting relationship, I can give you dating advice that will keep you from making a mistake that can throw you off track for years.
If you're over 40 and don't want to make the same mistakes again, I'll show you how to find a good man this time around. I can identify good husband material 20 paces away!

Here's How I Can Help You:
First, click on my book pages
to read about each of my books for women.


My latest book, The Secret In The Forest, is my premiere novel! The underlying message of this book is, when it comes to romance -- be very careful who you choose and who you overlook! 

This story is about four generations of family members who's lives were impacted by one "love" mistake that remained a secret for decades... until one hot summer on an Idaho ranch when the truth poured out and healing finally began for everybody.

The Secret in the Forest is available on Amazon in paperback and as a Kindle Ebook.

How To Recognize a Good Man When You Meet Him And How To Treat Him
is an indispensable guidebook when it comes to selecting the right mate. This book is the outcome of dozens of years of studying the subtle characteristics of both good and bad men, so you can quickly tell the difference before getting into a committed relationship.

If you're looking for a man, or already dating someone
who may or may not be "Mr. Right," this book will be your best friend. It can make the difference between spending years frustrated, fighting and in tears, or spending your life laughing, loving and making wonderful memories together.

Order "How To Recognize a Good Man" here for $9.95
Or you can order the book from

is a memoir, spanning 100 years and four generations.
It illustrates first-hand how decisions made by my grandparents, parents and myself, impacted my destiny -- as well as my child's. Be prepared to laugh, cry and understand the true significance of the choices we make.

Order Choices A Memoir here for $15.95
Or order it from Amazon here: 

I also offer advice through my Wise Old Carol Blog. Here I provide ongoing dating and relationship advice for women and I enjoy addressing your comments. You can also contact me through email at I'm always happy to talk with you and offer emotional support.

My final words are "Don't go it alone." Listen to Wise Old Carol and let me help guide you toward a happier, easier life without having to make all the tough mistakes yourself!

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